Verdmo – Wireless Soil Moisture

Not sure when you should water your plants? Save time, money and water by watering only when you need to with Verdmo’s help. Perfect for your lawn, garden or potted plants, indoors or outdoors. Featuring 3 moisture sensors for increased accuracy, ground level temperature readings, wifi enabled, iOS and Android apps, and lasts up to 3 years on two batteries. Verdmo is 100% made in North America, and a portion of every sale is donated to Safe Water Network. Verdmo is easy to use and can help you water better today.

Verdmo - Kablosuz Toprak Nemi

Bitkilerinizi ne zaman sulamanız gerektiğinden emin değil misiniz? Sadece Verdmo’nun yardımına ihtiyaç duyduğunuzda sulayarak zamandan, paradan ve sudan tasarruf edin. İçeride veya dışarıda çim, bahçe veya saksı bitkileriniz için idealdir. Yüksek hassasiyet, zemin seviyesi sıcaklık değerleri, wifi özellikli, iOS ve Android uygulamaları için 3 nem sensörüne sahip ve iki pille 3 yıla kadar dayanıyor. Verdmo, Kuzey Amerika'da% 100'dür ve her…

Put Any Lightweight Object In This Frame

If you put a lightweight object on the clip inside the Slow Dance frame, it will move in a stylized slow motion similar to the visuals you’ll find in the movies.
The frame comes with two clips where you can attach various lightweight objects like feathers, flowers, and papercraft dolls. Once it’s clipped, simply choose the effect you want to create and let it go to work, creating a live, real-time visual illusion that makes whatever’s on there appear like it’s moving in cinematic slow motion.
How is this possible? The Slow Dance comes with an electromagnetic mechanism at the bottom of the frame, causing any lightweight object clipped onto it to vibrate at high speed. Since the lights blink at a rate of 80 times per second, the blinking is all but invisible to the human eye, allowing the effect to succeed.
Controls at the base of the frame allow users to adjust the brightness and switch it on and off, as well as choose from three different effects. Aside from the basic slo-mo, it has …

Plant Shoe Is Made Entirely From Biodegradable Plant-Based Components

Plant Shoe is a classic silhouette with a canvas upper, just like so many shoes we’ve all seen before. It’s stylish looking, with some really nice details, so it’s just as wearable as any casual everyday sneaker you’ve got in your collection. What sets it apart, of course, is the construction, which utilize many materials you don’t typically see in most sneakers, giving it an interesting backstory that may equal parts interesting and annoying when you tell them to your friends. Yeah, nobody likes feeling bad about their non-sustainable choices…

It has a canvas upper that’s made from a proprietary blend of organic cotton and pineapple husks, giving it a unique textured appearance that really sets the shoes apart. According to the outfit, they use the pineapple as a substitute for suede, which endows the footwear with a raw and unfiltered aesthetic. The insole is made from African kenaf and corn felt, which provides optimal resistance to wearing and tearing, while the sockliner is made…

The Tracker Packer Satellite Messenger In A More Accessible Spot

It’s a holster option for satellite messengers. To your arm, or some other similarly suitable area. That way, you can immediately access it when an actual emergency occurs, saving you from the hassle of having to reach inside a pocket on your pants or backpack, which could prove more difficult depending on the circumstance you find yourself in.

Daha Erişilebilir Bir Noktada İzleyici Paketleyici Uydu Habercisi
Uydu habercileri için kullanılan bir seçenek. Koluna ya da başka uygun bir alana. Bu şekilde, gerçek bir acil durum ortaya çıktığında derhal erişebilir, sizi pantolonunuzda veya sırt çantanızdaki bir cebin içine girme zorunluluğundan kurtarır, bu da kendi içinde bulduğunuz duruma bağlı olarak daha zor olabilir.

LastSwab: Reusable Cotton Swabs

LastSwab is an alternative to the cotton swab. Use LastSwab like you would use a normal cotton swab\ although we do advise that you swab responsibly.

LastSwab is as vital to your make-up bag as any cotton swab, only it can be used again.
LastSwab: Yeniden Kullanılabilir Pamuklu Çubuklar
LastSwab, pamuklu çubuğa bir alternatiftir. Normal bir pamuklu çubuk kullanacağınız gibi LastSwab kullanın \ sorumlu bir şekilde sürünmenizi tavsiye etsek de.
LastSwab, makyaj çantanızda herhangi bir pamuklu çubuk kadar önemlidir, ancak tekrar kullanılabilir.

Moki Door Step

Most people can reach the roof of a car easy enough. If you want to reach it for loading or unloading cargo, though, you’ll need to be on the taller side if you want to have an easier time. While pulling up a stool and standing on it can help, we have a feeling most folks will appreciate having the Moki Door Step standing by instead.

An accessory designed to mount on a car’s door latch.

Moki Kapı Basamağı

Çoğu insan arabanın çatısına yeterince kolay ulaşabilir. Ancak kargo yüklemek veya boşaltmak için ulaşmak istiyorsanız, daha kolay vakit geçirmek istiyorsanız daha uzun boylarda olmanız gerekir. Bir tabure çıkarırken ve üzerinde durmak yardımcı olabilirken, çoğu insanın Moki Door Step'i beklemekten memnun kalacağını düşünüyoruz.

Bir arabanın kapı mandalına monte edilmek üzere tasarlanmış bir aksesuar.

How to Convert Earth's Plastic Pandemic Into Fuel

Our world is drowning in plastic waste—but these scientists think they have a way to turn all those empty water bottles into a fuel source.
The world is drowning in plastic waste. Ninety-one percent of the billions of tons of plastic produced is never recycled. Instead, most of it ends up in landfills, on beaches, or in the ocean.
So a team of researchers have devised a way to take old plastic and break it down into fuel.
Bioengineers working in biofuel development have spent the last 10 years using grants from to develop ways to turn agricultural waste—like byproducts from farming and logging industries—into fuel. When farmers harvest corn and process it into kernels, for example, the leftover leaves and stems are valuable waste products that can be leveraged by innovative practices and turned into something new.
A biological systems engineer of the project, told that one of the best things to do with that waste is make fuel.
“There’s a huge amount of biomass available,” he said. “W…