Bu Adaptr has expanded to cover all the charging (and outlet) bases so you can travel a little smarter and a little lighter. The universal travel adapters work in over 150 countries and are super easy to use. Just pick the one that suits your power needs and give the base a twist to raise the adapter you need.


Bu Adaptr tüm şarj (ve çıkış) tabanlarını kapsayacak şekilde genişledi, böylece biraz daha akıllı ve biraz daha hafif seyahat edebilirsiniz. Evrensel seyahat adaptörleri 150'den fazla ülkede çalışır ve kullanımı son derece kolaydır. Sadece güç ihtiyaçlarınıza uygun olanı seçin ve ihtiyacınız olan adaptörü yükseltmek için tabana bir bükülme verin.

Heated Car Blanket

There is nothing worse than getting out of your warm bed in the morning and entering a freezing car. This heated car blanket will keep you warm in your car and easily plugs into your cigarette lighter port.

Isıtmalı Araba Battaniyesi

Sabahları sıcak yatağınızdan çıkıp dondurucu bir arabaya girmekten daha kötü bir şey yoktur. Bu ısıtmalı araba battaniyesi sizi arabanızda sıcak tutar ve çakmak limanınıza kolayca takılır.

60ct Multifunction Micro LED Warm White Fairy String Lights - Green Wire

Light up your outdoor space with the 60-Count Multifunction Micro LED Warm White Light String from Sterling. Whether you hang them from your porch ceiling or line them up along your deck railing, you'll love the charming glow these warm white string lights give off as you strive to create a special ambiance for entertaining family and guests. The battery-operated lights also come on a green 10-foot wire, giving you the flexibility and freedom to place them wherever you'd like.

Micro LED Light String with 60 Outdoor Light Timer - Set of 2 - String this Gerson 10 ft. Micro LED Light String with 60 Outdoor Light Timer - Set of 2 along any mantle, mailbox, or festive garland to create.

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60ct İşlevli Mikro LED Sıcak Beyaz Peri Dize Işıklar - Yeşil Tel

Sterling'in 60 Sayımlı Çok İşlevli Mikro LED Sıcak Beyaz Işık Dizisi ile dış mekanınızı aydınlatın. İst…

Northlight 100-Count Yellow Winery Grape Patio Novelty Christmas Light Set 5ft Green Wire

Yellow Winery Grape Patio Christmas Lights
If One Bulb Burns Out, The Rest Will Stay Lit
Ul Certified And Approved For Indoor Or Outdoor Use
8 Inches High By 5 Inches Wide By 2.5 Inches Deep

Light Bulb Count: 100
Dimensions (Overall): 5.0 inches (L) x 2.5 inches (W) x 8.0 inches (H)
Weight: 2.1 pounds
Light Bulb Type: Incandescent
Lighted length: 5.0 inches
Light Bulb Color: Clear
Wire Color: Green
Power Source: Electric plug

Ever thought of witnessing sparkling grapes? Take a look at these scintillating string lights, which showcases an unrivaled beauty of mini bulbs enclosed by lovely grape cluster shaped light covers. Add this mind-blowing light set to your garden or other floral decorations and create an eye-catchy display! Product Features: Number of clusters: 4 Total number of bulbs: 100 Bulb size: mini Spacing between clusters: 20" Lighted length: 5' Total length: 10.5' 60" green lead cord 6" green tail cord Addition…

SmartMat A Responsive Yoga Mat

SmartMat is a responsive yoga mat that detects your balance and alignment then gives you real time feedback on how to improve. It’s the next best thing to having a personal yoga instructor.

SmartMat Hassas Bir Yoga Matı

SmartMat, dengenizi ve hizalamanızı algılayan ve size nasıl iyileştirilebileceğiniz konusunda gerçek zamanlı geri bildirim sağlayan duyarlı bir yoga matıdır. Kişisel bir yoga eğitmenine sahip olmak için en iyi şey.

Aero-X Hoverbike

Why walk or drive when you can actually fly? Well, now you really can do that, with the futuristic Aero-X hover bike recently announced by California-based Aerofex. Unlike any other vehicle currently available on the innovative transportation market, the Aero-X is a hovercraft that lifts you off the ground to take you from place A to place B relatively quickly – and it’s super-easy to ride, too.

Easily adaptable to a wide variety of recreational as well as professional uses such as geo-surveys, search and rescue missions, border patrols, disaster relief, aerial agricultural inspections and herding management, the Aero-X is designed to make low-altitude flights up to 10 feet (some 3 meters) above the surface level at 45 miles per hour (72 km/h). The vehicle features four-wheel gear with castoring aft wheels and two fixed-pitch carbon fiber propellers fitted to the front and the back which allow it to hover above ground. It runs on automotive gasoline and can reportedly take off and la…

A Lid That Fits Most Pots

For years, inventors have tried to perfect the universal lid—that one-pot covering that could prevent all kinds of frantic cabinet searching. But most options are imperfect, dipping into pans and reducing their capacity or allowing heat loss (longer cooking times) and water runoff (messy dripping on stove tops). A new design from cookware brand Made In could be the answer. Its Universal Lid, made of silicon-­coated stainless steel, has three different-size bottom lips, allowing it to fit a variety of pots and pans without the issues that have plagued its predecessors. Although the product looks very simple, a lot of thought and consideration went into getting it right. Consumers appear to agree: the first batch sold out in less than two days.

Çoğu Tencereye Uygun Bir Kapak

Mucitler yıllardır evrensel kapağı mükemmelleştirmeye çalıştılar - her türlü çılgın dolap aramasını önleyebilecek tek kap. Ancak çoğu seçenek kusurludur, tavalara daldırır ve kapasitelerini azaltır veya ısı kaybına…