Amazing Things You Can Buy for $5 or Less

1. A Sneaker Wash Bag $4.99; buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond. Instead of having your filthy sneakers dirty up your clothing, keep everything in your washer safe with this sneaker wash bag.

2. A Set of Wine Skirts $2.99; buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond. If you want a surefire, effortless way to ID which wine glass is yours, wrap it in one of these lively wine skirts.

3. A Jelly Cube Tray $3.20; buy now at Amazon. Make jelly cubes effortlessly with this 60-count tray.

4. A Three-Way Mirror $4.99; buy now at Bed Bath & Beyond. With this portable and light-as-a-feather accessory, you can manage all of features anywhere.


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