The Sock That Heals Your Feet

The Parasole may be called a sock because the correct term for it hasn’t been invented yet. A hybrid between a sock and shoe, the Parasole wraps itself around your feet but gives them support and structure, letting your feet breathe, while giving them the compression and protection they need. These socks can be easily worn with shoes, or even as shoes, letting them massage your feet and prevent everyday fatigue.

Designed to be much more than just a fabric sock, the Parasole was made to be a recovery sock that would do the work of an athletic sock, giving your feet support while compressing them to relieve pressure points. Made from a sweat-wicking fabric, the sock comes with 360 degrees of breathability, making sure your feet never get sweaty or smelly. The socks even come with a breathable/flexible sole of their own, created using 3D generative design. Wearing them gives your feet support, allowing you to use the socks with regular shoes for added comfort, or even without shoes, like you would wear socks around the house. The polymer sole resists abrasion too, letting you wear the Parasole outdoors, or even at the gym, for the most comfortable sock/shoe experience.

The Parasole was designed with the properties of an athletic sock, to relieve foot pain caused by daily activities. As many as 51% of Americans end up limiting their daily activities because of foot fatigue, and the Parasole was created to tackle it. Whether worn as is, or even inside a shoe, the Parasole hugs your feet, cushions your sole and gives support to the arch of your foot, while remaining completely breathable. Its Ultra-Fresh coating contains anti-microbial and anti-odor properties, making sure your feet and the sock stay healthy and odor free at all times. Washing the Parasole is just as easy as washing a regular sock. The sole can either be dusted off, rinsed, or the entire Parasole can be easily machine washed, making it as good as new!


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