The Trudo Vertical Forest

The world’s first vertical forest.
A lush vertical forest integrated into a social housing project in the Trudo Vertical Forest concept, which fits housing units into floors, each one with its own balcony filled with plants. The building creates its own ecosystem, helps filter the air for its occupants and uses prefabrication for rapid, accurate construction.

The Trudo Vertical Forest sets new living standards. Each apartment will have a surface area of under 50 square meters and the exclusive benefit of 1 tree, 20 shrubs and over 4 square meters of terrace. Thanks to the use of prefabrication, the rationalization of technical solutions for the facade, and the consequent optimization of resources, this will be the first Vertical Forest prototype destined for housing.

Vertical forest projects in Milan, Utrecht, Nanjing, Tirana, Paris, and Lausanne, but the Trudo Vertical Forest will be one-of-a-kind. Built to provide low-income housing, the tower will have 19 stories with 125 units, all covered in a luscious vertical forest that features a wide variety of plants and trees.

The case for vertical forests in urban environments.
Bosco Verticale in Milan.
The high-rise building of Eindhoven confirms that it is possible to combine the great challenges of climate change with those of housing shortages. Urban forestry is not only necessary to improve the environment of the world’s cities but also an opportunity to improve the living conditions.


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