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Sorgente Bathtub

Sorgente by Lenci Design is a hot tube and a bathtub combination in one design. Wonderful Sorgente bathtub. Sorgente is the italian word for spring. A wellness spring in your home.

Muji Maison TV

The Maison TV looks like something Muji would build. The simple white block form with the four detachable legs give the TV a certain elegance which makes the television look like an object fit for a home, rather than a showroom. The thickness of the TV stems from its inclusive design, that has empty spaces in the back for storing streaming boxes, and even for cable management, so that you’re left with a TV that doesn’t have any odd boxes or wires corrupting its beauty. The Maison TV comes with beautiful flush controls on the side, along with a remote that echoes the same style that makes the Maison TV’s design language tick every single box in Rams’ ten commandments of good design.

Lumberjack Hairdryer

Using a hairdryer is part of our daily routines, a convenient storage method for such devices hasn’t quite made itself noticed yet! Instead we must make do with either shoving them into an already crammed draw, which could lead to them getting damaged, or leave them on the side to clutter up the room!
However, this quirky looking hairdryer may just hold the answer to our problems, and it goes about it in such a clever way! Greatly inspired by how lumberjacks hold their axe in a piece of wood, ‘Lumberjack’ mounts gracefully onto the wall-mounted cradle, giving the hairdryer a place to live when it’s not in use.

nanoe™ Technology for Homes

Panasonic nanoe™ Technology is a revolutionary air purification system that deodorises, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses and is effective in dust removal (PM2.5) to create a fresher and cleaner living environment
Switched on ONLY nanoe™ Technology mode to continue purifying and deodorising your living spaces even when cooling is switched OFF

The Ultimate Beach Accessory

The Shader is literally everything you’d need for a day on the beach. The Shader’s skill set makes it by far the most apt item to carry to the beach because this collapsible product serves as a pillow, sun-shade/umbrella, drink-holder, solar charger, and adjustable fan.

The Shader comes with a collapsible design that fits right into Shader’s own beach tote bag. Built with a pillow and a collapsible umbrella, the device makes lazing on the beach an absolute dream as you gather a tan on your body without having the glare in your eyes or the wind blowing sand on your face. The pillow cushions your head, also making sure you don’t get sand in your hair, and even comes with a chill-pack that keeps your neck cool in the harsh heat. Lift the pillow up and you’ve got yourself a nifty drink-holder that can hold as many as 6 bottles or cans for that beach-side hydration.
The Shader’s premium kit also comes with a solar charger that lets you juice your phone, or even plug a USB fan into, so you’…

Coolbox™: The Entertainment Cooler™

Coolbox™ is a high-tech entertainment cooler equipped with powerful marine-grade Bluetooth speakers, 2 USB charging ports, a heavy duty retractable handle, durable wheels and all the features and functionality you need to have a blast!
Any cooler can keep your drinks cool, but Coolbox™ brings the party and keeps your drinks colder!

Why Coolbox™?
Get this: you and some friends are headed out to the beach for a fun-filled day of eating, drinking and some volleyball. Everything is packed into the cooler. You make the long trek to the beach, but you realize you forgot your speakers. You grab your phone to call Chris, who is still at the house, to tell him to grab the speakers, but your phone battery is at 1%....and then it dies. What’s next? You have to drag your heavy cooler through the sand, to home.
With Coolbox™, you’ll never have this issue again. We want you to create great memories around your Coolbox™ and always be prepared to entertain, so blast the tunes and crack open a cold o…

Vatti Gas Appliance

Notice how sterile this conceptual cooking range looks in white; a color that easily soils in the frenzy of cooking! However I totally love the induction cooking plate and gas burner combo, with matching exhaust hood no less. It’s called the EEH-Ventilator & Gas Stove. Could be quite beneficial in countries where the delivery of gas cylinders can take weeks!

The Bathroom Scale Just Got Better

Why shouldn’t your bathroom scale do more than just tell you your weight? The PEBBLE was designed with this question in mind and provides an innovative solution that might just make you wonder why this doesn’t already exist!
After showering, you can step on the scale and it will air dry your feet and sanitize with infrared light. The upward facing fans help you dry off faster and ensure you don’t carry excess moisture which can result in a number of unwanted health scenarios. Synced with the PEBBLE app on your smartphone, it will automatically upload and track your weight stats and give you daily, weekly and monthly status updates to maintain a healthy BMI.

Auto Shredder

Document shredding after work is important. However, dangerous things happen in the process. And it takes a lot of time to manually shred documents by a fixed amount. Further, the volume of the paper after crushing is increased, which causes a problem in treating the trash. ‘Auto Shredder’ is a product that can solve these various problems with some enhancements and make usability more convenient.