Coolbox™: The Entertainment Cooler™

Coolbox™ is a high-tech entertainment cooler equipped with powerful marine-grade Bluetooth speakers, 2 USB charging ports, a heavy duty retractable handle, durable wheels and all the features and functionality you need to have a blast!

Any cooler can keep your drinks cool, but Coolbox™ brings the party and keeps your drinks colder!

Why Coolbox™?

Get this: you and some friends are headed out to the beach for a fun-filled day of eating, drinking and some volleyball. Everything is packed into the cooler. You make the long trek to the beach, but you realize you forgot your speakers. You grab your phone to call Chris, who is still at the house, to tell him to grab the speakers, but your phone battery is at 1%....and then it dies. What’s next? You have to drag your heavy cooler through the sand, to home.

With Coolbox™, you’ll never have this issue again. We want you to create great memories around your Coolbox™ and always be prepared to entertain, so blast the tunes and crack open a cold one.

When the day is done, pull up Coolbox™ telescoping handle, just like you would your suitcase, and roll it to the car with its durable wheels that can handle any type of terrain. Toting around a cooler has never been easier!

Coolbox™ vs. The Rest

Connect your device to Coolbox™, wirelessly or via the AUX port, and listen to your favorite beats all day long because Coolbox™ keeps the party going.

Its integrated Bluetooth connectivity allows you to effortlessly play music through the built-in marine-grade speakers (dual 20W RMS 80hm) that are durable enough for any climate.

Coolbox™'s 2 USB charging ports make it easy to charge up your electronics when you’re on the go, so you can continue your fun in the sun. With an internal 11.1V/2.5 Ah lithium polymer battery, you can have peace of mind knowing that a dead phone won’t ruin your good time.

The unique and innovative handle works just like a suitcase handle, making it a breeze to maneuver Coolbox™ on any kind of ground.

And, its durable wheels make it easy for you to tote your Coolbox™ from the beach to the park with ease.

The outer shell of Coolbox™ is made of polypropylene while the inner foam material is made of injected commercial-grade polyurethane. These are a lot of big words, but what it means is that Coolbox™ will keep your drinks colder, longer (we’re talking for five days!), and it’s even engineered to last longer.

No more looking around for that bottle opener or forgetting it at the house! Coolbox™'s bottle opener is attached right under the cooler lid for easy access whenever you need it.

Located on the front of the cooler, a small compartment keeps your phone and other belongings safe from spills and splashes while you enjoy the day. On Coolbox™'s lid, there is a smartphone/tablet holder that allows for your phone to stay safe and out of the way while playing music or charging.

A quick glance at the LED clock display on Coolbox™ will let you know when it’s time to call it a night… or keep the party going.


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