Kitchen SinkShroom and Ultra TubShroom Drain Protection Products

Protect practically any drain in your home with the Kitchen SinkShroom and Ultra TubShroom Drain Protection Products. Made from stainless steel, these advanced strainers prevent clogged drains. Featuring a patent-pending design, the Kitchen SinkShroom offers superior protection to your kitchen sink. Durable and resistant to rust, the strainer allows water to flow through while it gathers food and garbage.

Regardless of how full the basket gets, water continues to flow through the center cylinder holes to keep your sink clog-free. Likewise, you won’t have to dig through dirty soap water to clear the drain anymore. Additionally, the Ultra TubShroom prevents bathtub drains from clogging. Thanks to its solid stainless steel parts, the Ultra TubShroom is easy to clean and maintain. It also prevents soap and mildew buildup. Once the cylinder is full of hair, simply wipe it right off using a paper towel or tissue.


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