VEOSPORT V1 Custom Sound Bluetooth Earphones

Enjoy premium audio wherever you are with the VEOSPORT V1 Custom Sound Bluetooth Earphones. This advanced sound system comes with eight ear tips so you can a superbly perfect fit. These include three sizes of silicone, three sizes of comply foam, and two sizes of triple flange ear tips. No matter how you move, the V1 Earphones will stay in place. In addition, the earbuds work in conjunction with the Veosport EQ mobile app. With this, you can totally customize the output of your audio. The free app has controls for a variety of features as well as pre-set audio profiles. You can also save your settings as your own audio profiles. Coming in black or white, the V1 Earphones have built-in controls so you can manage your music without your device. Finally, the V1 Earphones come with a cloth bag, a carrying case, and a cable clip.


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