You Won’t Believe How Thin Micro Wallet Is

The brand-spankin’-new Micro Wallet by Paperwallet exhibits these traits and more while being the size of a card, but somehow being able to hold 8 of them and cash.

Micro Wallet is a minuscule 1.33 mm thick and has an intuitive clam-style opening for easy access, unlike other small wallets that clump all the cards together, making it hard to find and pull out a certain card. By itself, the Micro Wallet is 0.3mm thick, making it the thinnest wallet known to human-kind.

What’s it made out of?

Tyvek is an extremely durable material that has a stretchable quality to it. It’s a virtually un-rippable material and can hold its own against the rigors of day-to-day life, thus staying intact for years to come. Micro Wallet is also waterproof, eco-friendly, and protected by 360-degree RFID protection so you don’t have to ever worry about your information being digitally compromised.

Should you buy it?

It depends. Do you like small wallets? Do you want a stylish wallet? Are you a mob boss that carries loads of cash? Even if you are, you should consider getting a money clip for that fat wad in your pocket and keep your cards in a beautifully designed Micro Wallet.

The Micro Wallet is available for purchase at Indiegogo on demand for a measly 20 bucks, or two for $28, with more deals that scale. Some tiers even come with coin pouches with similar designs, so check them out today.


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