Magnetic Automatic Closing Anti-mosquito Mesh Soft Window Screen

Mesh panel curtain opens easily and automatically swings back into place. Keep flies, wasps, midges, and insects out while people,
pets and fresh air are let in. With magnetic straps to weigh the curtain down and drawing pins for securing to the doorway.
Material: Mesh cloth
Mesh size: 1mm
Color: Blue, Yellow
Size: 120*150cm, 150*150cm, 150*180cm, 180*150cm, 200*150cm

Magic Window Screen opens easily and then colses itself by the powerful magnets.
Easy to install and remove, no drilling or screwing required
Leave your windows open enjoy fresh cooler air
With magnets, able to open easily and close automatically
Light weight with washable and durable material

1. Please determine the size before you buy. Not add window frame to measure the size, width size plus 10cm and height size plus 6cm that turns out to be the size you should buy.
2. Please determine the material of your window frame before you buy. Some frame can not be used pushpin fixing, please use magic tape or thread gluing.

Package include:
2 X Window screens
4 X Pair of magnetic snaps


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