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A Minimalist House Takes In The Magnificent Views Of Southern Portugal

In Southern Portugal there’s a remote little village in a region surrounded by mountains and valleys and out here amid wonderful, lush landscape there’s a stunning house built by Vitor Vilhena Arquitectura in 2018. The plot wasn’t empty and this contemporary house was actually built on the ruins of an old structure.
The site presented many advantage, the most important of which were the views of the wonderful landscape unfolding all around it. The best place to enjoy this amazing scenery from is up on the roof where there’s also a quite unique swimming pool.
Apart from a desire to maximize the views, the architects and their clients agreed that the house should also put an emphasis on natural light, more exactly on the amount that enters the house and its impact on the architecture, interior design and ambiance. That being said, the E-facing facade can open up completely to let the outdoors in. The interior spaces are organized into two main sections: the day zone which includes soci…

Carrara White Herringbone Mosaic Tile Polished

12"x12" Carrara White Herringbone Mosaic Tile Polished
Product Description Carrara White Marble 5/8x1 1/4" pieces mounted on 12x12" sturdy mesh tile sheet12 rows and 12 columns with 144 stones on each sheet; 5/16" thickness; Polished finishFirst Quality; Natural Beauty; Carefully Selected; Consistent in size and finish; Factory DirectPrice per sheet (1 sq.ft.); Large quantities in stock
Premium Grade Herringbone White Carrara Marble Mosaic tiles. Italian Bianco Carrera White Venato Carrara Polished 5/8 x 1 1/4 Herringbone Mosaic Wall & Floor Tiles are perfect for any interior/exterior projects. The Carrara White Marble Mini Herringbone Mosaic tiles can be used for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom flooring, shower surround, countertop, dining room, entryway, corridor, balcony, spa, pool, fountain, etc. Our Premium White Carrera Marble Herringbone Mosaic tiles with a large selection of coordinating products is available and includes hexagon, brick, basketweave …

Glass Getaway: Tranquil Tea Houses in the Trees

Some people might choose the wide open desert, or a cliff overlooking the ocean. But when imagining the perfect place to relax, meditate or work on a creative project like writing a book, it’s almost always the quiet sun-dappled woods that come to mind. These glass tea houses by Swatt Miers Architects take full advantage of a beautiful Silicon Valley setting.
Along with his daughter, a California homeowner set out to explore the remote hills surrounding his home, discovering an idyllic setting below a ridge. A grove of sprawling California Live Oaks gave the site special significance. First envisioning a tree house, their idea for a quiet getaway evolved into what you see here – tea houses that are almost entirely made of glass.
The trio of minimalist spaces offer the same proximity to nature that a tree house would provide, but with the additional benefit of being comfortable year-round. Each tea house has its own purpose: meditation, sleeping and creative thinking.
“Each tea house …

Outlast Woven All Season Temperature Regulating Blanket (Best for Night Sweats)

What We Like
Regulates temperature effectively Warm yet breathable Would work during several seasons
What We Don't Like Fabric feels cheap Not smooth against skin Not very durable
This blanket’s best feature: “It carries off the neat trick of regulating body temperature, making sure that even while it keeps you warm, it remains cool to the touch. The result is a blanket that can carry you through several seasons and never leaves you swampy or shivering while using it.”

Business Bobble Head Blocks Unwanted Office Noises

Working in an office comes with its share of ups and downs. On the positive side, we get to work with a variety of people who can fuel our creativity and keep us motivated. The downside to that space-sharing, of course, is that not all of us are on the same mental schedule. This weird-looking helmet might just help you escape the noise of your officemates when you need to remove yourself from the din for a while.
The design comes from the creative minds at Hochu Rayu, who call it the Helmfon. The designers envision this bubble-headed haven as a portable fiberglass and polyethylene foam privacy booth. Inside, not only is the noise from your surroundings eliminated; the interior headphones can also pipe in your favorite music or relaxing sounds.
In fact, there’s even enough space on the inside to keep your smartphone nearby for conducting important Skype conversations or watching videos in peace. Thanks to an integrated system board, there’s even the possibility of adding custom functi…

The Spun Chair: A Sculpture That Rotates You

Is it an oversized toy? Is it a sculpture? Is it a piece of furniture? All perhaps.
The chair gives you a unique sensation — the sensation that you will fall off at any second — but you never do. You just spin around as if you were perched on a giant spinning top (which you are).
The chair was created by Thomas Heatherwick— he collaborated with the Italian furniture firm Magis to produce this chair. To construct it, plastic pellets are heated and “rotationally molded”.

Exclamation Cup Holder

The Exclamation cup holder is good for your home, office, desk, or even a baby high chair. It fits various-sized containers such as a standard cup with handle, juice boxes and cans, coffee cups, etc.

It can easily be clipped on and grips onto surfaces such as tables, etc. This colorful clip cup holder not only helps keep a table clean and tidy but can be used for various other creative ideas around the home or office. It can also help train your baby’s motor skills as they can practice taking out the bottle and putting it back into the hole of the clip. Now no need to worry about juice or water splashing all over the floor! Foldable rubber container can hold different sizes of cups and bottles. It can be used separately and is easy to clean. It has a trendy outlook and useful functions.

Message In A Bottle - 4GB

What will you store in this bottle?

A message in a bottle was used to send messages across the ocean or to send personal thoughts into the world. With the advancement in technology, here is a new way to send personal messages that combines old-tech with high-tech!

MaterialCork, GlassDimensions1.2" x 2.4"Capacity4GBOSWindows 98 or newer, Mac OS X or newer, Linux Kernel 2.4 or newerTypeUSB Plug and Play

FlyGrip One-Handed Phone Holder

One-handed phone grip that adheres securely to your phone and enhances multitasking abilities. Doubles as a portrait and landscape stand.

China To Grow Flowers On The Dark Side Of The Moon

Exciting news has recently come out of China, that they are aiming to be the first country to land a probe on the dark side of the Moon, later this year. According to The Xinhua new agency they are planning to land the Chang’e-4 probe, in an attempt to grow flowers on the Moon’s surface. The “mini-biosphere project”, which is being led by scientists at Chongqing University, is hoped to provide vital information which could one day lead to the colonization of the Moon. Liu Hanlong, chief director of the experiment, and vice president at the University was quoted as saying: “Our experiment might help accumulate knowledge for building a lunar base and long-term residence on the Moon.” The probe will carry seeds of potato as well as Arabidopsis, which is a small flowering plant of the mustard family. They will be carried in cylindrical tins, made from a special aluminium alloy, containing water, nutrients, and potentially silkworm eggs.

“We have to keep the temperature in the ‘mini biospher…

Osaka Thermal Shock Proof Coffee Mug

It’s hard to enjoy your coffee when the heat is all to evident on the surface of your drinking mug. Even an ice-cold coffee is hard to enjoy when your drinking mug is chilling out. The Osaka coffee mug is an effective thermal shock proof mug made of Borosilicate glass. You get to enjoy extremely hot or cold coffee without suffering your fingers from gripping the mug.
The coffee is also designed to be resistant to absorbing external odors, chemicals or residue. The mugs come in a pitcher-like shape with a lip-like brim. In all it’s beauty, it still manages to hold up to 10 ounces of coffee. And it’s safe for use in a microwave or dishwasher.