1 Acre Of Land On The Moon

Moon Acres

Own your own parcel of land on the Moon, and have the certificate to prove it.

Moonestates.com sells authorised Lunar plots. The re-sale of these plots is registered on a secure database

It makes the perfect present, and the more you buy the cheaper it gets. Simply select the number of acres you require, and then choose if you’d like the deeds to be framed Scroll down for more information.
Additional information

The deeds for the land which you are about to purchase on the Moon are issued by Moonestates.com Ltd. They show the precise, unique coordinates of where your property is located. All of our properties are situated with a clear view onto planet Earth.

The details of the purchase are recorded against the name on the deeds, but to gain the full benefit of being a Lunar landowner we advise you to complete and return the registration form.

If you purchase the 3 or 5 acre land packages, a deed will be issued for each acre, and the properties will be next to each other. If choosing a frame, only the first acre deed will be in the frame.

If you are buying the land as a present, you might like to consider the gift box version, which also includes a coaster, with the words “I own the Moon” on it.

All of our Lunar land packages consist of the Lunar deeds plus:

The Lunar Site Map showing you where, on the lit side of the Moon, your property is located.

A document with details of the Mineral Rights to your land

Registration Form. This enables the land owner to register their details with Moonestates.com


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