A Minimalist House Takes In The Magnificent Views Of Southern Portugal

In Southern Portugal there’s a remote little village in a region surrounded by mountains and valleys and out here amid wonderful, lush landscape there’s a stunning house built by Vitor Vilhena Arquitectura in 2018. The plot wasn’t empty and this contemporary house was actually built on the ruins of an old structure.

The site presented many advantage, the most important of which were the views of the wonderful landscape unfolding all around it. The best place to enjoy this amazing scenery from is up on the roof where there’s also a quite unique swimming pool.

Apart from a desire to maximize the views, the architects and their clients agreed that the house should also put an emphasis on natural light, more exactly on the amount that enters the house and its impact on the architecture, interior design and ambiance. That being said, the E-facing facade can open up completely to let the outdoors in. The interior spaces are organized into two main sections: the day zone which includes social functions such as the living room, kitchen and dining area and the night zone which contains the bedrooms and service areas. This distinction takes advantage of the building’s orientation and overall form and structure.


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