The 'MINUS GRAVITY' Is A Stylish Way To Play At Your Desk

Toys in the workplace have transitioned from nonexistent to more acceptable thanks to the rise in popularity of designs like the fidget spinner, but the 'MINUS GRAVITY' aims to offer a distinctly more high-end way to play at your desk. Positioned as an executive desk toy, the unit is crafted from premium materials including aircraft-grade aluminum and features an anodized finish with machine-polished edges for a truly high-end aesthetic. The accompanying magnet can be dropped from the top to the bottom to create an anti-gravity experience for onlookers to enjoy as they get work done, take calls or simply brainstorm their next big idea.

The 'MINUS GRAVITY' executive desk toy also does double duty as a premium desktop art piece to enhance workstations with a chic touch of modernity.


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