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This Home Security Surveillance Drone Automatically Deploys When It Senses Intruders

This Home Security Surveillance Drone Automatically Deploys When It Senses Intruders
There's many different levels of security you can take on when trying to secure your home. There's a simple Nest camera that you can install on the outside or inside of your house, you can get a whole system installed by professionals, or you can go to the extremes and get one of these automatically deploying surveillance drones to help capture and deter intruders. It's called the Sunflower, and it makes quite clear that we're currently living in the future.

Self-touted as "The Evolution Of Home Security", the Sunflower-labs autonomous drone uses three different parts to obtain it's goal, including multiple powerful activity sensor arrays that are disguised as attractive garden lights, the autonomous drone itself, along with a weather-proof drone charging base where it takes off from and lands all on it's own. The base is also where all of the AI-computing happens.


This Ultimate Toolbox Turns a Steel Drum Barrel Into a Rotating Tool Organizer

This Ultimate Toolbox Turns a Steel Drum Barrel Into a Rotating Tool Organizer

If your garage is like mine, you most likely have tools scattered pretty much everywhere, including the ground, under cars, and some that found their way under the deep-freeze. Sure you could buy a little toolbox to store a few tools, but wouldn't you rather have The Ultimate Toolbox that can store practically everything?! Well, that's exactly what this toolbox is called, and it's made from an actual full-size steel oil barrel, and the inside rotates between 3 different sides where you can store your tools.

The Ultimate Toolbox consists of 3 walls that spin around the inside of the barrel where you can hang your socket set, wrenches, hammers, pliers, and essentially any hand tool you might have in your arsenal. The front door easily slides open and shut, and will even lock securely with a key-lock on top to keep your tools safe and secure when you're not using them.

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The StepNPull Lets You Easily Open Doors With Just Your Foot

The StepNPull Lets You Easily Open Doors With Just Your Foot
When you think about how weird it is, public bathroom doors pretty much reverse everything you just did while washing your hands. Places invest in touch-less water faucets, touch-less soap dispenser, and touch-less hand dryers or paper towel dispensers. But then when it comes to the door, we still have to place our freshly cleaned hands onto the same disgusting handle that everyone that chose not to wash their hands also grabbed while exiting the bathroom. These ingenious foot door openers called the StepNPull allow you to exit the bathroom hands free, and should really be installed onto every public bathroom door!
The StepNPull is easily installed onto any non-latching inward opening door, by using just 3 included screws to fasten it to the bottom corner of the door. It's a great way to avoid germs, bacteria, or viruses that may be on public doorhandles, open doors while both of your hands are full, reduce paper towel …

Smart Wireless Remote Control Socket Power Plug US Regulation

Key Features...

It is able to control every device at home through phone app, and with leave mode.
Use Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice control, support iFTTT.
The socket and nightlight App are separately controlled and the brightness can be adjusted.

Manufacturer Specifications


Item type: Socket
Size: 72 * 55 * 40 mm
Weight: 77 g
Network: 802.11b/g/n, 2.4ghz
Maximum load :10A
Authentication: FCC
Material: PC, V0 fireproof materialc

Package includes:

1 * Socket


1-2mm error might exist due to manual measurements (note: 1cm=0.39inch), please kindly understand. The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

Akıllı Kablosuz Uzaktan Kumanda Soketi Elektrik Fişi ABD Yönetmeliği

Ana Özellikler...

Evdeki her cihazı telefon uygulaması ve izin modu ile kontrol edebilir.
Ses kontrolü için Amazon Alexa veya Google Home kullanın, iFTTT'yi destekleyin.
Soket ve gece lambası Uygulaması ayrı ayrı kontrol edilir ve parlaklık ayarlanabilir.

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Wall Mount Holder Space-Saving for Amazon Echo Dot 3 Speaker

Wall Mount Holder Space-Saving for Amazon Echo Dot 3 Speaker

Key Features...

Easy to install without any tools, no drilling holes or screwing, convenient for you to move your device to anywhere you need.
Great for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Aesthetically pleasing design lets your dot become an elegant home decoration.
Suitable for Echo DOT 3.

Manufacturer Specifications


Item type:Speaker stand
Applicable products: for Amazon Echo Dot 3
Colour: Black
Material: ABS
Net weight: about 100 grams
Package Include:
1 x product, 1 x Manual, 1 x box packaging
The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

Amazon Echo Dot 3 Hoparlör için Duvara Montaj Tutucu Yer Tasarrufu

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Herhangi bir alet kullanmadan, delik açmadan veya vidalamadan kolay kurulum, cihazınızı ihtiyacınız olan yere taşımanız için uygundur.
Mutfaklar, banyolar ve yatak odaları için idealdir. Estetik açıdan hoş tasarım, noktanızın zarif bir ev dekorasyonu olm…

Folding Mini Drone Toy Black Standard

Key Features...

Folding and can be deformed.
Support charging with remote control.
With trajectory flight, voice control.

Manufacturer Specifications


Item type: Toy
Take-off weight :0-250g (excluding)
Packaging: color box
Weight :0-1.5kg (including)
Maximum flight altitude :0~ 120m (inclusive)
Channels :6 channels
Applicable group: boys and girls
Color: black
Toy material: plastic
Type: aircraft
Remote control mode: handle
Applicable age :13 years old or above
Uav size :6.3*6.3cm
Handle size :14.5*8.1cm
Remote control distance: 30-50m
Flight time: about 10 minutes
Battery capacity: 3.7v 220mAh
Photo pixel :640*480
Charging time: 40-60 minutes
Remote control battery: 4 * AAA batteries (self-equipped)
-- Top-ranking material
-- Simulate & cute
-- Fine workmanship
Package includes:
1pcs aircraft, 1pcs remote control, 1pcs mobile phone support frame, 1pcs charging cable, 1pcs manual Spare parts package 1pcs
The colors deviation might differ due to…

These Trolley Bags Promise To Cut Down Time At The Grocery Checkout

Like other reusable shopping bags, you can fill these Trolley Bags with all the supplies you purchase each time out at the grocery store. Unlike them, it can also function as an upright trolley divider, making it easier to pack your things at the checkout than ever before.

Consisting of four individual bags held together by Velcro, it lets you easily organize groceries right on the shopping cart, all while coming apart quickly once you’re loading the bags onto your car. No more holding a bag up with one hand and packing it with another – this thing lets you rack four bags for simultaneous packing using two free hands, which should help cut down a decent amount of time.

Each of the four bags in each Trolley Bags set comes in different colors, so you can use color coding when sorting where each item should go. The bags come in different sizes, as well, going from big to small from one end to another. To use, simply hang the bags at the back of…

Moveable Kitchen Tap Head

The Moveable Kitchen Tap Head has been rated the number 1 must-have kitchen tool of 2018.

It features a 360 degrees rotatable tap nozzle and a unique 3-mode spray function, helping you to clean your sink or wash your food ingredients effortlessly!


3-mode spray: Jet, Jet + Shower and Shower
Suitable for most round taps
Easy to install.
Reduces energy costs and water usage by up to 70%.
Extremely durable.
360-Degree Twist and Easy Control.

Our customers find it very easy to Install. The product comes with a white rubber attachment to fit to your tap to ensure there is no leakage.

Compatible with most round tap heads. Not compatible with square tap heads.

It's also suitable on these taps too:


Material:  ABS
Package Weight: 0.1 kg
Package Size: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
Size: 8 x 5 cm

1 x Moveable Kitchen Tap Head

Hareketli Mutfak Musluk Başlığı

Hareketli Mutfak Musluk Başlığı, 2018'in sahip olması gereken 1 numaralı mutfak aleti olar…

Elastic Shoelaces

Elastic Shoelaces turn shoes into slip ons so you never have to tie your sneakers again. The laces can be used on almost any type of shoes.

Designed to make your sneakers insanely comfortable slip-ons that always stay in place.

Elastic Shoelaces are the world’s first no tie shoelace which provides an easy-to-use, comfortable and stylish addition to any shoe.


Goodbye Tie
Confidence builder for kids who need to deal with shoelaces independently at school. Time and effort saver for the majority to work hard play hard. Pain avoider for seniors who fight against pain and disease to compress their knees or bend down.

Comfortable laces make fit shoes
They eliminate gap/air between shoes and feet by bringing together but not ruin vamps, wrapping on your feet like skin. Shoes are easy to put on and off with them on.

Snug & Stretchy Support
Footwear upgrader. Wrap sides and top of a shoe for sock-like wearing. No compression on insteps or veins. They adjust to moves of a foot by …