Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Winter Cover

This above ground pool cover makes better compatibility with most of the 35X55-feet rectangular pools. With the help of a 5-feet overlap, this cover also offers better protection and secured installation against pool top rails. Moreover, with the help of 8X8 scrim per inch, this lightweight upholstery provides ultimate protection against dust, dirt, and debris.

The UV-resistant nylon threads also extend the lifespan of the cover. Therefore, you can use this pool cover seasons after seasons. Furthermore, the water bag loops at every 4-inch and grommets help users to easily secure this cover against pools. You can keep pools protected from snowfall, downpours, and heavy winds.


Traps down small dust particles.

Algae buildup is restricted.

Wind-resistant, snow, and rainproof.


The ratings are discouraging.


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