Roblox: Collector's Tool Box


Roblox: Collector's Tool Box

Off the screen, into the real world, and now safely tucked away into a sturdy carrying case for your next imaginative Roblox adventure. The Roblox Collector's Tool Box holds up to 32 Roblox figures, so you can neatly organize your collection and easily show them off to your friends anywhere you go.

This case also includes two new figures to add to your collection: Red LAZER Parkour Runner from MasterOfTheEle­ments' LAZER and the Giant Hunter from BuildintoGames' Giant Survival!


Mix and match their parts to create your own unique Roblox adventure

Collect. Trade. Play. Use the collector’s chec­klist to keep track of your Roblox collection!

Each collectible figure includes a redeemable code to unlock exclusive virtual items

Discover a different one with each of your Roblox Action Figures.

Roblox–out your characters with the coolest accessories!

Suitable for ages 6 & up


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