Stump Coffee Table

A custom coffee table is a great way to make a unique statement and show off your DIY skills without breaking the bank.


Orbital Sander

1" chisel



(1) 30-42" full slice of tree trunk appr. 8-10" thick

(1) pint of polyurethane or shellac

Sanding discs - 80, 120, 240 grit


Safety glasses

Dust mask

Work gloves


This rustic coffee table is not only easy to build but it's made entirely of upcycled materials. You can build this table in an afternoon and with some careful planning it can be almost free!


Find a Stump

Locate a 30-42" diameter 8-10" depth tree trunk from a tree trimmer or clearing company. If you are cutting the piece yourself, chalk two parallel lines around the trunk and use a chainsaw to cut around the perimeter. The straighter you can make this cut, the less work you will have later. Be sure to use a sharp blade and the proper personal protection equipment. In our case, we cut a slice off a lightning struck poplar.


Dry It Out

Allow the slice to dry for several weeks in a warm dry location. Be sure to raise the piece off of the floor to allow airflow and keep mold from forming on the bottom. The slower it is allowed to dry, the less cracks will form in the surface.


Goodbye Bark

Use a sharp chisel to separate the bark from the wood. Start by removing a small section.


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