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A New Way To Weather

The Weather Cube introduces an entirely new way of “reading” the weather! Rather than glance at your smartphone, open the newspaper or turn on the TV, this artistic object displays the current weather outside by manipulating water to express conditions. For example, still means sunny, dripping is rainy, a wave symbolizes wind and steam stands for foggy. Additionally, the design displays the current hour/minutes and temperature so you’re always prepared and on time!
Designer: Yu Zhuang

The Sock That Heals Your Feet

The Parasole may be called a sock because the correct term for it hasn’t been invented yet. A hybrid between a sock and shoe, the Parasole wraps itself around your feet but gives them support and structure, letting your feet breathe, while giving them the compression and protection they need. These socks can be easily worn with shoes, or even as shoes, letting them massage your feet and prevent everyday fatigue.

Designed to be much more than just a fabric sock, the Parasole was made to be a recovery sock that would do the work of an athletic sock, giving your feet support while compressing them to relieve pressure points. Made from a sweat-wicking fabric, the sock comes with 360 degrees of breathability, making sure your feet never get sweaty or smelly. The socks even come with a breathable/flexible sole of their own, created using 3D generative design. Wearing them gives your feet support, allowing you to use the socks with regular shoes for added comfort, or even without shoes, lik…

The Wireless, Shape-Shifting Hairdryer That’s Designed To Dock

Building on the running consensus that life is too short for bulky, clunky products, the Docking Hairdryer by Jeongjin Ko features a clever, rotating handle that transforms the hairdryer’s shape from an L-shaped product to a linear one, allowing it to make a slimmer footprint, and to dock perfectly into its charging stand, becoming an overall cylindrical mass that’s beautiful to look at.
Jeongjin’s hairdryer explores different proportions, with a shorter, wider body, and a long, slim handle. The two masses intersect at a swiveling 45° miter joint, allowing the handle to go from perpendicular to parallel simply by rotating it. The wireless hairdryer, with its charging pins located at the base of the handle, can be docked cleanly into its charger stand, where its battery gets juiced up for another day of hair-drying. The docked unit can easily fit into travel bags and suitcases too!
Designer: Jeongjin Ko

The Image Sofa That Is Inspired By Nature

Furniture is capable of altering the mood and feel of the room as well as grab a person’s attention and draw them in, and that’s certainly what the Image sofa does. Inspired primarily by the famous Chinese painting, Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains of Yuan Dynasty, the bold features and spirit of the painting have been modernized and reimagined as a sleek, domestic item of furniture.
The point of focus is the visually interesting and truly unique backrest, that has encapsulated the vast size and immense depth of the mountains. This is beautifully contrasted by the seat surface, which is made from a transparent acrylic that captures the tranquillity and serenity of lake water.
The aesthetics haven’t overshadowed the usability; careful attention was paid to the backrest to ensure an ergonomic seating position, while the addition of a table elevates the level of functionality!
Designers: Zhenyi Chen & Jian Chen

Blox: Organize Your World

You probably have an easy-to-remember spot in your home or office, the place where you put your keys, your charging tech, favorite pen - the necessary tools that need to be within easy reach throughout your day. Sometimes it's in the middle of your desk, next to the front door, on the kitchen counter, next to your bed ...or all of the above!
Organizing your daily tools is important, and is the driving inspiration behind the creation of Blox.
Blox: a place for everything
A place for everything & everything in it's place! Blox are a beautifully simple, highly-customizable system of modules that are designed to take everyday personal tool organization from random & chaotic to beautiful & useful.
CNC sculpted from solid, sustainably-sourced Walnut and Maple, each Blox module has an embedded set of magnets that allow them to be firmly joined together when needed, but easily rearranged or added to as your needs, tools and spaces evol…

Quick Dry For Clothes

Breeze Racks is a collapsible system of a blower, aroma dispenser, hollow bars and hollow-with-many-holes hangers; intended to dry your laundry faster, on wet rainy days. It works like this; you set up the frame and fit each hollow hanger into the hole cutout on the horizontal bar. The end of the frames fit into the blower which blows out warm air and fragrances. Once the setup is complete you simply hang your freshly washed clothes on the hanger and let the system do its work.
I quite like the fact that you can completely knock-down this stand for easy storage. Where I live, we have three months of non-stop rains and I need to hang the clothes on metal stands and place them under the fan. Its three month of pure agony as far as laundry chores is concerned. Something like this Breeze Racks can be quite a boon! Oh and yes I am stubborn, I prefer hand-washed clothes to machine-washed and dried.

Designer: Qin Shuai

Urban Water Transportation

The CAT (City Aquatic Transportation) aims to aid urban city congestion by utilizing seaside cities’ waterways to transport passengers to and from high demand public areas. Each craft holds four passengers and can be pre-booked online or at a number of conveniently placed docks throughout the city. Once on board, passengers can enjoy the craft’s futuristic aesthetic and relax as the autopilot directs them to their destination. Drive also provides an efficient and fun attraction for tourists wanting to get a more personal view of the city.

The optional drive also provides an efficient and fun attraction for tourists wanting to get a different and more private view of the city.

Designer: Cal Craven

Geometric Ice Cubes

The Lékué ice cube tray creates perfect cubes of ice every time. Inspired by an industrial moulding technique, the cubes are formed at an angle to avoid the need to taper any of the faces. And here I thought ice cube trays couldn’t really evolve to improve any further. These remind me of the cubes used in TRON Legacy. Ice is so beautiful when cut to strict proportionate geometry.

Designer: DesignWright for Lékué

Yamaha - 40W Micro Component System - Black

Enjoy your music with this Yamaha CRX-332BL micro system, which features a USB interface and an Apple® iPhone®/iPod® dock for simple connectivity of your compatible device. The AM/FM tuner lets you listen to your favorite stations.

Yamaha - MusicCast 140W 2.0-Ch. Hi-Res Network-Ready A/V Home Theater - Gray/Black

Stream music through your favorite speakers from afar with this Yamaha MusicCast wireless streaming amplifier. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Apple AirPlay connectivity, this sturdy aluminum amplifier lets streams from a broad range of sources. At just 2 inches tall, this durable Yamaha MusicCast wireless streaming amplifier is slim and discreet and sturdy.

The Trudo Vertical Forest

The world’s first vertical forest. A lush vertical forest integrated into a social housing project in the Trudo Vertical Forest concept, which fits housing units into floors, each one with its own balcony filled with plants. The building creates its own ecosystem, helps filter the air for its occupants and uses prefabrication for rapid, accurate construction.

The Trudo Vertical Forest sets new living standards. Each apartment will have a surface area of under 50 square meters and the exclusive benefit of 1 tree, 20 shrubs and over 4 square meters of terrace. Thanks to the use of prefabrication, the rationalization of technical solutions for the facade, and the consequent optimization of resources, this will be the first Vertical Forest prototype destined for housing.

Vertical forest projects in Milan, Utrecht, Nanjing, Tirana, Paris, and Lausanne, but the Trudo Vertical Forest will be one-of-a-kind. Built to provide low-income housing, the tower…

Is Your Apple Watch Waterproof?

The not so water resistant Apple Watches
The first generation Apple Watch -- sometimes referred to as Series 0 -- and the second generation Apple Watch, the Series 1, aren't really made to handle more than the occasional splash. Apple does not recommend submerging either model at all, as the speaker and microphone can get damaged.
If you do go for a dip with the earlier Apple Watch models, you'll need to take the watch off and place it on its side with the speaker facing down. This will allow any water inside the cavity to drain out. Do not use a can of forced air, or any other tool to remove the water as you can cause damage.
Apple Watches for swimming
The Series 2 and Series 3 Apple Watch models are specifically designed for swimming. Specifically, the models have an ISO rating of 22810:2010. That translates into a watch that designed to withstand water activities at up to 50 meters of depth.
Even with that rating, Apple doesn't recommend wearing the watch when scuba diving o…

With Built-In Noise Cancellation Sony’s WF-SP700 Wire-Free Earbuds

The tech giant's second completely wireless earbuds stand out from their gym-friendly competitors by offering digital noise cancellation you can adjust with the touch of a button. The all-new WF-SP700 earbuds are Sony’s second completely wireless model. Designed with workout warriors in mind, the wire-free earbuds offer a combination of distinctive looks, a highly customizable audio experience with an Extra Bass option, and adjustable noise cancellation. The latter sets the WF-SP700 apart from its gym-friendly, completely wireless competitors.
The Sony WF-SP700 wire-free earbuds look like tiny, slightly elongated pebbles. There are no sharp angles or edges on the earbuds, so it's pretty much guaranteed that they'll be incredibly comfortable even before you open their see-through box. When it comes to fit and comfort, the WF-SP700 will live up to the expectations set by their organic design. The earbuds have a secure and exceptionally comfortable fit, which ensures that they&…

Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent

There's only one button and a single switch on the device itself.
Thermacell’s mosquito-repelling devices ward off biters by vaporizing an oil containing Allethrin. It’s a synthetic version of a compound found in chrysanthemum flowers that acts as a natural mosquito repellent. In fact, chrysanthemum extract is a common ingredient in many popular skeeter stoppers; similarly, many gardeners plant mums around gardens and outdoor living areas to keep insects out.
Previous Thermacell gadgets have used disposable mats infused with the oil or one-shot fuel canisters that create two types of trash. The company’s new Radius system, however, uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to heat and diffuse the oil. The repellent still comes in disposable cartridges, but it at least cuts down on waste in one area. The resulting protected zone covers roughly 110 square feet.

Compared to typical techniques like a citronella candle, it’s clear that the Radius is more effective, espe…

Cup Holder Clip

This cup holder clip fits various-sized containers including milk bottles, juice boxes and baby learning cups. It can be easily fixed on to a baby car, baby eating chair or any table.
There is a selection of different colours, styles, and pattern available to choose from. It is trendy, useful, and can help maintain a tidy table.

BALMUDA The Toaster

This toaster from Balmuda, a small appliance marker from the suburbs of Tokyo looks like any ordinary toaster. But using steam and carefully calibrated heat cycles, this toaster transforms store-bought bread into something that smells, tastes and feels like it popped out of a baker’s oven. The idea came about when founder Gen Terao and his group of product designers accidentally made great toast on a rainy day. After mother nature’s tears stopped, they tried to reproduce their toast and realised that water was the key ingredient.
They discovered that steam holds moisture inside the bread, while it’s being warmed at a low temperature. The heat is increased just at the end to give the bread a perfectly cooked crust. Too bad it’s only officially available in Japan and Korea.