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VI: The First Lunchbox That Fits Into A Pocket!

A lunchbox that's hermetic, microwavable, dishwasher safe, FOLDABLE and POCKET-SIZED!

Vi is the first foldable lunchbox that fits into a pocket: it is the most innovative and thinnest lunchbox in the world! Are you ready for the lunch break revolution?! Enjoy your meal!
Hey!! How many times did you have to bring your own lunch into the office or to university? And have you ever noticed how annoying is it to carry an empty and dirty lunchbox in your bag all day long once you’ve finished eating? Today, we are happy to introduce a huge innovation for your lunch break: Vi Lunchbox.
Vi is the first foldable lunchbox that once emptied of its content can be folded and fitted into your pocket! Finally, after your lunch break you won’t have to carry around multiple plastic bags and you can simply forget about the existence of your lunchbox! Vi is only 14.5x12x1 cm (5.7x4.7x0.4 in) – officially making it the thinnest lunchbox in the world! Carrying…

Hip Flask Water Bottle

Stay hydrated throughout the day with the Hip Flask Water Bottle. Featuring a unique shape, this bottle easily fits in your bag or backpack. Available in six colors, the water bottle features a flask-shaped design for comfortable carrying. Combining texture and color, the Hip Flask is a fun alternative to standard reusable bottles. Additionally, Hip is recyclable, BPA free and dishwasher safe. It is also made from durable Triton plastic and comes with colorful silicone details, including the twist cap, sleeve, and strap. Likewise, you can use the silicone strap to hook it to your bag for convenient transport. To top it off, Hip provides two days of safe drinking water to those in need for every bottle sold through Water For People.

VEOSPORT V1 Custom Sound Bluetooth Earphones

Enjoy premium audio wherever you are with the VEOSPORT V1 Custom Sound Bluetooth Earphones. This advanced sound system comes with eight ear tips so you can a superbly perfect fit. These include three sizes of silicone, three sizes of comply foam, and two sizes of triple flange ear tips. No matter how you move, the V1 Earphones will stay in place. In addition, the earbuds work in conjunction with the Veosport EQ mobile app. With this, you can totally customize the output of your audio. The free app has controls for a variety of features as well as pre-set audio profiles. You can also save your settings as your own audio profiles. Coming in black or white, the V1 Earphones have built-in controls so you can manage your music without your device. Finally, the V1 Earphones come with a cloth bag, a carrying case, and a cable clip.

Kitchen SinkShroom and Ultra TubShroom Drain Protection Products

Protect practically any drain in your home with the Kitchen SinkShroom and Ultra TubShroom Drain Protection Products. Made from stainless steel, these advanced strainers prevent clogged drains. Featuring a patent-pending design, the Kitchen SinkShroom offers superior protection to your kitchen sink. Durable and resistant to rust, the strainer allows water to flow through while it gathers food and garbage.

Regardless of how full the basket gets, water continues to flow through the center cylinder holes to keep your sink clog-free. Likewise, you won’t have to dig through dirty soap water to clear the drain anymore. Additionally, the Ultra TubShroom prevents bathtub drains from clogging. Thanks to its solid stainless steel parts, the Ultra TubShroom is easy to clean and maintain. It also prevents soap and mildew buildup. Once the cylinder is full of hair, simply wipe it right off using a paper towel or t…

Microsoft Surface Headphones

Escape to a world all your own with the Microsoft Surface Headphones. With active noise cancellation technology, these over-ear headphones completely drown out the noisy environment around you. Whether it’s your favorite playlist or a conference call, the Surface Headphones ensure you only hear what you need. In addition, the wireless design connects seamlessly to your laptop, tablet, or other device via Bluetooth. This makes taking calls mid-song a breeze. Plus, the Surface Headphones are complete with on-ear touch controls so you never miss a moment. Simply tap to change tracks, adjust the volume, or pause and play. Charging in less than two hours, this set of cans will last a full 15 hours. Or, you can connect via 3.5mm or USB-C cable.

From home to office to airport, listen in comfort and style all day. Your music and phone calls sound spectacular with rich, clear audio and adjustable noise cancellation. And, use your voice to get more done with your hands free. Turn it up, or tun…

PITAKA MagDock All-in-One Magnetic Wireless Charging Dock

Charge all of your devices at once when you have the PITAKA MagDock All-in-One Magnetic Wireless Charging Dock. Armed with a built-in portable power bank, it also has a companion app to help you track battery life. The MagDock features a wireless charging spot for your smartphone, smartwatch, and even your wireless earbuds. Additionally, the MagDock goes a step further to put your smartphone at the right angle, allowing you to watch videos while charging. The top actually twists so you can adjust the viewing angle and use the charger as a stand. With this layout, you can continue to use your smartphone as it charges. In addition to this clever design, the MagDock uses magnets to secure your smartphone in place. You’ll never have to worry about knocking it out of place again. When it’s time to hit the road, just take the MagDock with you in the Zip-&-Go travel pouch. It doubles as a portable 7800mAh power bank to take your wireless charging anywhere.…

Revo SuperCD One-Box Music System

Enjoy your favorite tunes from a variety of sources with the Revo SuperCD One-Box Music System. Combining a wide range of audio format compatibility and functionality, the Revo SuperCD music system looks as good as it performs. The one-box music system comes with a vertical slot-loading CD player and DAB, DAB+ and FM tuner with RDS. It also offers access to a vast selection of radio stations along with multi-format CD playback and Spotify. Additionally, you can connect to the Revo SuperCD via Bluetooth to stream music. Plus the entire music system is controllable via the UNDOK app, which works on both iOS and Android devices. Finally, the Revo SuperCD also provides USB charging you can charge your smartphone and tablets while wirelessly streaming.

You Won’t Believe How Thin Micro Wallet Is

The brand-spankin’-new Micro Wallet by Paperwallet exhibits these traits and more while being the size of a card, but somehow being able to hold 8 of them and cash.
Micro Wallet is a minuscule 1.33 mm thick and has an intuitive clam-style opening for easy access, unlike other small wallets that clump all the cards together, making it hard to find and pull out a certain card. By itself, the Micro Wallet is 0.3mm thick, making it the thinnest wallet known to human-kind.
What’s it made out of?
Tyvek is an extremely durable material that has a stretchable quality to it. It’s a virtually un-rippable material and can hold its own against the rigors of day-to-day life, thus staying intact for years to come. Micro Wallet is also waterproof, eco-friendly, and protected by 360-degree RFID protection so you don’t have to ever worry about your information being digitally compromised.
Should you buy it?
It depends. Do you like small wallets? Do you want a stylish wallet? Are you a mob boss that car…

The Best Desktop Charging Stations So You Never Get Down To 5% Battery Ever Again

Keep your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, and portable battery packs charged, organized, and ready.

BEST OVERALL Skiva 84W 7-Port USB Charging Station This charging system from Skiva offers seven USB ports, which should plenty for most. Its slots are thick enough to accommodate tablets or smartphones, and each port outputs 2.4 amps, so your devices will charge quickly. It also has safety features put in place to protect against overcharging. Skiva
BEST FOR APPLE USERS XUNMEJ Charging Dock The XUNMEJ charging dock is a minimalistic aluminum dock that quickly charges your iPhone or iPad mini, AirPods, and Apple Watch. It will look great on any nightstand, and comes in black, gray, or silver to perfectly match your favorite Apple devices. XUNMEJ
BEST PORTABLE CHARGING STATION Vogek 6-Port USB Charger Desktop If you're looking for a charging solution to take anywhere, this one from Vogek offers six ports, a portable design about the size of a hockey puck, and an attractive metal finish. V…

Furniture With Flow

Taking inspiration from the slatted structure of the same name, the Louver Series is distinguished by the vented panels found on each piece that give it visual lightness and flow. The collection, consisting of cabinets, shelving, tables, and seating, is crafted from raw aluminum and constructed with hidden hardware instead of welds. Surfaces are polished off with clear acrylic or tempered glass. The resulting aesthetic is at once minimalistic and industrial, making the Louver Series right at home everywhere from the modern living room to the doctor’s office.

Wireless Inductive Ironing

If you’ve ever had that freak out moment when you can’t remember if you left the iron on then you’ll appreciate this cordless high-tech design. The Smooth Inductor is an energy-saving iron that utilizes a ferromagnetic sole plate system that only heats when in contact with the included induction board. The semitransparent body offers a clear view of the plate and the fact that it’s wireless means it’s free of a cumbersome electric cord.

Beer Briefcase

Keep your beers safe when you head to your buddies house for happy hour. Just slap a pair of handcuffs to this beer briefcase and no one will be snagging a brew from you.
With slots for 6 beers you’ll have enough drinks for the night!

The Laundry Lasso

Keep your laundry room mildew free with the Laundry Lasso. Keeping your washer door propped open can be annoying with it flopping around. That way you never have to worry about having a moldy washing machine.


MOOVYGO Combining functions for your Laptop and for your cellphones, the MoovyGo has 3 main features: Hub USB-C, Wireless Charging and External Battery.
Wireless charging 5w & 7.5w Designed and optimized For iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and Airpods, MoovyGo is capable of delivering 5W and 7.5W. with Led indicator. Just place your cellphone on the Power Port Wireless and let the power flow.
MoovyGo is also a back up battery pack, so you can take it with you when you commute to recharge your cellphone. MoovyGo has a battery capacity of 3500mAh. with Full Speed Charging.