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Pebble Powerbank

Never be without power again as long as you carry around this effortlessly stylish Pebble Powerbank. Smooth in the palm of your hand and beautifully designed in the image of a beach pebble this power rock is not just a pretty object - it also packs a punch! With 8000mAh capacity the Pebble Powerbank can charge up most smartphone devices 3 times over from a single charge! How’s about that for stone cold power security - just pocket this little guy whenever you go on a longer than average journey and you’ll never be without charge again. The Pebble Powerbank has an LED display to keep you abreast of its battery level and can be charged using the Micro USB cable provided.

iMusic Pillow

Nothing defines relaxation like getting yourself cosy in bed and listening to your favourite music. The iMusic Pillow is a clever and comfortable invention that plays your favourite tunes through a speaker that's buried deep inside the pillow. The iMusic Pillow is the comfortable and considerate way to listen to music, audiobooks   and podcasts in bed. With sleep habits being a common cause of stress – the iMusic Pillow could become your new best friend. The standard sized pillow houses a hidden speaker inside, through which chosen music or podcasts can be played. Music is transferred to the pillow using adapted headphone technology and your media player, connected by the pillow’s 3.5mm audio cable. The pillow plays your chosen audio at a comfortable listening level, entertaining the person lying on it whilst leaving their partner to sleep. The iMusic Pillow may also be useful to help drown out snoring partners.

TableCoaster - Jet Black

Anyone who has ever split a drink over a laptop or keyboard will wish they’d got hold of a TableCoaster before the fateful event. The ultimate anti-spill drink holder, it holds mugs, tumblers, bottles and cans up to 9cm in diameter and features a micro-suction base that acts as a strong adhesive, bonding to smooth, flat surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal and wood, without residue. Great for work desks, cars, motorhomes, caravans and boats, it is also handy outdoors, on bedside tables, high chairs or on a lap tray. The TableCoaster can be re-used over and over again without losing any of its grip. Supplied with a 7cm adaptor to offer a snug fit for narrow bottles and cans, the TableCoaster is designed with a low centre of gravity, the outer wall deflects outside forces down to the base instead of side to side, ensuring your drinks stay upright and spillages and coffee-related disasters become a thing of the past.

Amazon Echo Link

The Echo Link (not yet available for purchase as it awaits FCC authorization) not only pairs with your Alexa system.