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VIRB Ultra 30

GPS giant Garmin takes a big swing again at the action-camera market with its VIRB Ultra 30, announced this week. Like GoPro’s Hero series, the VIRB adds stats tracking, and live streaming. ($500).

Filter Your Shower Water To Eliminate Chlorine/Chemicals

Culligan Filtered Showerhead, $30, Amazon Your skin absorbs everything you put on it, and this Culligan filtered showerhead gets rid of 99 percent of chlorine and other chemicals in your shower water. Plus, it’s got a chrome finish and five powerful spray settings.

Norwegian Ship Uses its Massive Hull as a Built-In Sail

Wind power and wind-resistant technology aren’t the first things you would think of when designing a cargo ship. But a Norwegian firm has unveiled one with a hull so big it acts as an aeronautical sail. Designed by Lade AS, The Vindskip has a hull that’s like a massive airfoil. Its design allows it to be powered by the wind, creating a force similar to lift to carry it through the sea. The Vindskip’s aeronautical qualities allow a 60 per cent decrease in fuel usage and a whopping 80 per cent decrease in harmful emissions. Lade says it could eventually be used on cruise ships and plans to license the design in the future.

Magnetic Automatic Closing Anti-mosquito Mesh Soft Window Screen

DESCRIPTION Mesh panel curtain opens easily and automatically swings back into place. Keep flies, wasps, midges, and insects out while people, pets and fresh air are let in. With magnetic straps to weigh the curtain down and drawing pins for securing to the doorway. Specification: Material: Mesh cloth Mesh size: 1mm Color: Blue, Yellow Size: 120*150cm, 150*150cm, 150*180cm, 180*150cm, 200*150cm Features: Magic Window Screen opens easily and then colses itself by the powerful magnets. Easy to install and remove, no drilling or screwing required Leave your windows open enjoy fresh cooler air With magnets, able to open easily and close automatically Light weight with washable and durable material Note: 1. Please determine the size before you buy. Not add window frame to measure the size, width size plus 10cm and height size plus 6cm that turns out to be the size you should buy. 2. Please determine the material of your window frame before you buy. So

The WalkingPad

The WalkingPad is a winner product because it realizes that A. People are too lazy to go to the gym, and B. Houses and flats are too small to accommodate a home-gym into them. It, therefore, ticks the appropriate boxes with its innovative design and brings the gym to your home in a way that’s unintrusive yet feature-laden. This full-size treadmill folds up and slides right under your sofa or bed, occupying a space that is insignificant, only to be pulled out, unfolded, and used as a full-size treadmill. The WalkingPad opens up into a full-size treadmill, sans the side rails. Two wheels at the front end allow you to easily roll the folded WalkingPad to and from under your sofa or bed, and setting up the treadmill is as easy as unfolding it open with a single lifting action. Once unfolded, the belt immediately tightens around the treadmill, and on switching it on, a display at the front of the product comes to life. The WalkingPad can be

La Moderna Radio

This is La Moderna, and it’s a Fabio Verdelli’s take on the iconic radio. When you picture a radio, it’s likely you are envisioning the same, very similarly styled radio that the majority of people are, and it’s almost certainly not La Moderna. This is what makes it so special. All of the features have been stripped back to create an almost unbeatably simplistic aesthetic. This is partly been achievable through its operation… it’s completely analog! Protruding, rather characterfully, out of the top surface are four narrow cylinders; the lonesome one of the four is the primary dial for controlling the device! It’s certainly a very unique take on, what is now, an extremely familiar and iconic design!