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Morus Zero Countertop Dryer Can Dry Your Clothes In 15 Minutes

Regardless of which brand you use, most dryers work the same way – they take a load of clothes, spins them in a tumbler, and turns up the heat to make any water evaporate. And yes, it takes around an hour, give or take, to dry any size of load. That changes with the Morus Zero. A faster dryer, the appliance vows to dry any wet clothes you put inside in just 15 minutes. That means, shorter wait times and lower energy consumption, as you can dry a small batch of clothes in a literal fraction of the time compared to a traditional dryer. No, the Morus Zero isn’t designed to be a full-time replacement for the dryer you’ve got sitting in the basement – it’s way too small for that. It’s so small, in fact, that the darn thing is designed for countertop use, allowing you to keep it on a table or countertop, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or somewhere else where handling wet clothes won’t create a mess. This makes it unusable for an entire batch of laundry, but should be great for d

The World's Smallest Vacuum Cleaner

Clean Up The Tiniest Messes With The World’s Smallest Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum cleaners are great. They’re small enough to keep in a drawer at work and they’re strong enough to keep your tiny workspace clean. Problem is, they’re not cute. You know what’s cute? This one: the World’s Smallest Vacuum Cleaner. A miniature version of those handheld vacuum cleaners, this USB-powered tool can clean food crumbs, pencil shavings, and other tiny debris off your desk, so you can keep your workspace neat and tidy while you eat like an absolute slob throughout the day. No, you probably won’t be able to use it to clean the floor space in your work area, but for tiny isolated messes on the desk, the darn thing should get the job done. Designed for the tiniest messes, the World’s Smallest Vacuum Cleaner measures just 19 x 14 x 5 cm (height x width x depth), making it look more like a toy than an actual cleaning tool. Well, for the most part, you will likely keep it in your desk as a toy, since

Bluetooth Speaker Color Changing LED Light

This item is a mini loudspeaker with flash LED lights. It will definitely create a warm and romantic atmosphere in your home. The cool classy look and color changing lights are very suitable for your livingroom or bedroom. Feature - Color: Black - Material: ABS - Size: 12.5x12.5x11cm/4.9x4.9x4.3inch - Two 3W acoustic drivers could provide strong bass without distortion even at highest volume. - Equipped with the advanced Bluetooth 2.0 technology, compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.Suitable for u iPhone iPad Laptop and more devices. - Portable Size (4.9 x 4.9 x 4.3 inches) , easy to carry with. - Built-in 1000mA Rechargeable Battery for up to 8 hours of playtime; Built-in memory chip for breakpoints playback function. - The intensity of light and color will flash as the rhythm and volume of your music. Specification - SNR:≥70 dB - Operation:Remote control - Bluetooth Version: 2.0 - Working Time: about 8h - Frequency Range: 20Hz-20kHz - Support TF Card

Unusual Creative Bathroom Sink

Cool bathroom sinks view in gallery unusual creative bathroom sinks unusual creative bathroom sinks bathroom sinks and faucets ideas. Olağandışı Yaratıcı Banyo Lavabo Harika banyo lavabolar galeri alışılmadık yaratıcı banyo lavabolar alışılmadık yaratıcı banyo lavabolar banyo lavabolar ve musluk fikirleri lavabolar.

Pınar Light Yogurt

Design: B12 Creative Branding Location: Turkey Project Type: Produced Client: Pınar Product Launch Location: Global Packaging Contents: Yogurt Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Subsequent to our “Pınar Natural Yogurt” designs, “Pınar Light Yogurt” package designs have been structured with the new codes in brand architecture. While “Light Yogurt with only 0.1% fat content” is being embellished in pastel tones, the emphasis of being an additive-free and low-fat yoghurt and the distinctive typography of the word “Light” reinforce the highlight on the natural and dynamic style of the product. The Pınar Light Yogurt package designs, which are offered in packages of 600grams and 150grams, have taken their place on the shelves. Pınar Light Yogurt Tasarım: B12 Yaratıcı Marka Yer: Türkiye Proje Türü: Üretildi Müşteri: Pınar Ürün Lansman Yeri: Global Ambalaj İçeriği: Yoğurt Ambalaj Substratı / Malzemeler: Plastik "Pınar Doğal Yoğurt" tasarımlarımızın ardı