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BioLite HeadLamp 200

BioLite HeadLamp 200 Arguably the most comfortable headlamp out there, BioLite's 200-lumen light sits flat and stays put, while wicking sweat and putting zero pressure. There’s no shortage of headlamps in the current outdoors market, with brands both big and small staking their claim for a slice of the seemingly growing pie. Yeah, headlamps really aren’t just for miners anymore. The BioLite HeadLamp 200 looks to make its case by taking comfort to the next level. Billed as being “so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it,” the wearable light boasts a fit that sits flat and stays put on your forehead, ensuring there won’t be any bouncing action that can distract you from whatever task you’re currently engaged in. It’s super lightweight at just 50 grams, too, which it distributes across the band by integrating the electronics directly into the fabric, so you never feel any kind of pressure anywhere on your head, making it fe

Qwerkywriter Combines Old-School Typewriter With Modern Keyboard Tech

There is no shortage of Bluetooth keyboards that will work with all of your devices. There is, however, a definite shortage of keyboards styled like mechanical typewriters that will work with all of your devices. Don’t worry, someone’s already on the way to filling that apparent hole you never knew existed. Ladies and gentlemen, the Qwerkywriter. Made by Qwerkytoys, it’s a Bluetooth keyboard done up to look like a mechanical typewriter from decades past. Not only does it look like one of the long-obsolete writing machines, it types like one, too, simulating that tactile, clicky feel people experienced when composing letters, manuscripts, and term papers on the vintage productivity device. The Qwerkywriter uses mechanical switches to replicate the tactile feel of the keys on old-fashioned writing machines, along with vintage-style key caps that make for an unmistakable typewriter aesthetic. It even comes with the carriage return lever that moved the paper to the next line in old t

8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse Puts The NES Gamepad On A PC Peripheral

We all know what a mouse looks like and how to use it. No matter the kind of spin you put on it, a modern mouse always has two buttons and a scroll wheel between them. At least, that’s what we thought until the 8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse came along. That’s right, 8BitDo made a mouse. And it has no scroll wheel. Why? Because just like all of their other products, it has a retro gaming spin. In this case, the mouse is based on the original NES controller and we all know a scroll wheel is nowhere near the control set on that gamepad. Instead, they equipped the mouse with a 3D touch panel that looks nothing more than the rectangular black background on the old controller, so it can still retain the same forward and backward functions that the scroll wheel does without ruining the 80s retro-gaming aesthetic. The 8BitDo N30 Wireless Mouse ditches the left and right clicker buttons with the familiar red action buttons of the classic NES gamepad, complete with the contrasting square backg

Stayhold Compact Safety Shovel Is A Winter Multi-Tool To Keep In Your Car

If you’re driving around anywhere during winter, it’s necessary to keep a snow shovel, along with a few other tools, in your car. While a portable shovel won’t help you clear an entire driveway or break ice, it will help keep you moving during those times the snow gets in the way. The Stayhold Compact Safety Shovel will do just that, all while integrating a few other functions that could prove useful in these seasonal conditions. A four-in-one multi-tool, the contraption will allow you to dig your wheels out of the snow, scrape ice out of your windshield, and brush snow off your car, making it an indispensable addition to any car’s winter EDC stash. Granted, this small thing won’t help you clear a vehicle that’s completely covered in snow (unless you’re willing to shovel the whole day), but it should help you stay on the road during anything but the worst snowstorms. The Stayhold Compact Safety Shovel is a small plastic shovel designed to be held with two hands (one closer to the