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Nintendo Labo Switch Cardboard Kits

With the Nintendo Labo Switch cardboard kits you will be able to transform your console into anything from a piano to a fishing rod. Each DIY flat pack cardboard kit works with the Switch’s sensors to become controllers that you can use to play fun games. $39.99

Cardboard Platform Bed

Moving day just got a whole lot easier thanks to this cardboard platform bed. This 100% recyclable sleeping platform is designed to support up to 1,000 pounds and requires no tools or adhesives for assembly – just some origami skills. $189.00

Waterproof Cardboard Tent

Improve your camping experience at the next music festival you attend by shacking up in this waterproof cardboard tent. It props up in seconds, is recyclable, and is tough enough to last in the rain for up to four days without a single drop seeping in.

Cardboard Telepresence Robot

Smartipresence is an innovative cardboard telepresence robot that allows you to be anywhere you want and look in any direction that you want. Once the smartphone is inserted, you’ll be able to control the little fella to move and look wherever you please.

T-Rex Staple Remover

Own the coolest staple remover on the cubicle block by grabbing one of these T-Rex staple removers. This clever design looks like a T-Rex and kind of makes you wonder how well they would do in a corporate environment had they not gone extinct.

Electric Callus Remover

Keep your feet smooth using this electric callus remover and shaver. It features a compact design that fits comfortably in your hand and comes with a head that spins more than 40 times per second for better exfoliation.

Corn Kernel Remover

Stop eating corn with your hands – now you can easily strip off the delicious corn kernels and have a tasty side dish ready to eat with this genius corn kernel shaver. Just run the shaver down a piece of corn cob, and drop the kernels onto a plate.

DETRAY Flexible Sofa Tray

Created by DEBOSC, the DETRAY is a flexible tray made from plywood that can wrap around the arm of your sofa, providing a more stable surface than fabric, and protecting your furniture from spills. Available in cherry, maple, oak, or wengé wood.

LEGO The Settlers Of Catan Concept

LEGO Ideas member The Humble Bricksmith proposes to turn the popular board game The Settlers of Catan into a set made purely of LEGO pieces. Even the dice and cards have been turned into LEGO. At only 2,717 pieces, the game still fits in a small box.


The Freebord is designed to simulate snowboarding on pavement. Freebords have wide G3 trucks, like a longboard, but with an extra wheelset directly behind the trucks that completely changes the ride. Freebords come in several shapes and sizes and even offer bamboo and Canadian maple decks. They've also developed their own special wheels (https://www . verywellfit . com/ best - skateboard - wheels - 3002843). Check out the Freebord website for videos, instructions, and to see what the Freebord is all about.

The Board Skateboard

Image A slick prototype for a mini-cruiser skateboard that can be collapsed down into a circular shape when not in use. It uses a series of hinged braces that unfold into a familiar oval skateboard shape with enough strength to be ridden on.